The Bored who invented the Popinator

Not all creative and genius people are completely hard-working. And maybe you can exempt from the list Mark Zuckerberg of the epic Facebook Mania that’s not really the craze nowadays since it’s become like air always there and seemingly not worth of any appreciation anymore. There are some who are tardy enough, that even while eating a meal, wants to be assisted and fully served. Just like this new invention of Popcorn Indiana: The Popinator. (I’ll opt for the bullet cam instead of this, you know.)


Some first class and completely lazy people have trouble getting popcorn fly into their mouthholes. It can be tricky to reach into a bowl full of salted crunchy pops and perfectly align one hand with the mouth to ensure the popped kernel ends up in the hungry saliva-filled basket. Popinator serves just the right function, a final solution to this first-world problem.


Popcorn Indiana thought, planned and invented this outlandish device that has the sole purpose purpose of locating one’s mouth and firing a single kernel of popcorn at it from up to 15 feet away. According to the “electrical engineer” in this video, the machine has binaural microphones that detects the voice of anybody who shouts “Pop!” and then triangulates its location so the Popinator can adjust the popcorn launching mechanism.




Shopping! Shopping! Shopping in Asiatique!

Some twenty-five years ago, Bangkok and Hong Kong were the shopping meccas for RTWs (ready-to-wear clothes) as far as Filipinos were concerned. Those three letters then were the most widely used term for these production line-manufactured clothing that would soon force neighborhood custom tailors to close shop. For a Filipino journalist who covered the airport for years, bales of RTWs from Bangkok and the former British colony that swamped the airport terminal somewhat revolutionized the clothing industry in Manila, where I grew up, in the sense that suddenly fine-looking wardrobe of high quality material became affordable to the average person.


Just recently, Bangkok opened one of its newest and most modern night markets to meet the growing demands of around 20 million annual visitors while also serving the needs of its local populace. Aptly called Asiatique The Riverfront, the open shopping mall combines the bustle and hustle of a night market, yet classy, and the relaxing character of its slow-moving Chao Phraya River.


Aside from clothes, handicrafts, souvenir items, musical instruments, electronic gadgets and other home merchandise, restaurants, theater and shows make Asiatique The Riverfront a one-stop-shop destination.


This reporter was able to visit Asiatique just last month, courtesy of TAT, where I was able to purchase high-end printed t-shirts for my friends back at the office. Located along the historical Charoenkrung road, Asiatique The Riverfront is also accessible by ferry boats that ply along the river. Aside from the Waterfront District, Asiatique The Riverfront will also house the Factory District where fashion and designer shops will be put up over a renovated 100-year-old sawmill in the area; a 2,000-square meter Town Square District for restaurants, winery and all other dining pleasures; and the Charoenkrung District where1,000 more shops will be located.


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Capsule Houses and Mini Cars

Upon landing on Lazada PH’s website, it gave me this thought about technological advancements with the unending aim of giving convenience to all mankind. One is Dragon Ball Z’s capsule stuff, there’s a ship, houses, labs and other more can come to reality. If it would, I guess demolition of buildings and houses will be minimized since people can carry in their pockets their shelter whenever and wherever they go. It will also minimize and theoretically abolish poverty if the capsule stuff, in the long run, will have versions that are sold very cheaply and so affordable to the unfortunate masses. It will definitely bring convenience and utter comfort not only for the individuals but also for the industries, government organizations, groups and ultimately the country.

As for mini cars, limited parking space will not be a dilemma of shop owners anymore neither is parking for car owners since mini cars are obviously small but still with the comfort of full cushion seat, good back support and relaxed driving compared to motors.

There are more to name if it would be innovation we will talk despite those capsule buildings and mini cars are non-existent and not yet spread throughout the globe respectively. But there’s one good thing that mankind has achieved to fill the goal of easing and convenience in our daily tasks, it’s simply sitting in front of your laptop, moving back and forth, left to right, scrolling bars on the screen to scan for what you want to buy and then with just simple clicks you can purchase your own gadget, laptop, clothing, or whatever.

It’s easy but still, I hope for capsule thingies.

Why I want to go to Great Britain?

Aside from the monarchy, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, late Harry Potter film series, Doctor Who and the English accent, Great Britain has a lot to offer. When I get the money, time and the right people to be with me for an amazing trip I’ll definitely fly first to U.K.!


What I like about it?

  • Fish ‘n’ Chips
  • The Un-Filipino Look of Streets
  • The City of London
  • The White People
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Jude Law
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Awesome Bookshops
  • The London Eye
  • The Buckingham Palace
  • The National Gallery
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • The Tower of London
  • Westminster Abbey


… and many more! Check out more in, I check it out just to know where to go and display my amazement.

3 Tips for Travelling Abroad

Here are three things to keep in mind when planning a vacation.
1.    Book early –You have a better chance at the travel dates you want and possibly a better rate. And it gives you more time to anticipate your vacation – one of the best parts of travel.
2.    Do your research – Order a brochure. Call your travel agent. Visit a website. Proper research is the first step in the quest for the trip of a lifetime.
3.    Avoid airport food – In my experience this can get your vacation off to a bad start

Living Superman

Edward Michael Grylls can’t fly. He can’t carry a car with just one hand. He can’t fight against a shark and punch it the other end of the waters. However, the amazing Mr. Bear Grylls (shorter than the former, this is like his screen name) can survive in incredibly remote places. He can fend off heat by wrapping his t-shirt around his head soaked in his urine beforehand. He can drink urine in places where there’s no water saved by skin of a rattlesnake or when there’s no rattlesnake around he can just scoop up an elephant’s excrement and extract fecal liquid from it. He can also run through forest fires, wade strong currents of a river, free climb waterfalls, wrestle with gators, and use a sheep’s carcass to float on waters or to cover him at night while sleeping.

I watch his Man vs. Wild TV show on Discovery Channel, and man, he’s superb –like a modern java man except that he’s civilised and witty when it comes to tactics and knowledge about survival. If you have no idea who he is yet, then you have to check him out.