Growing industry hits the Philippines hard with Lazada Philippines- A Review


The Philippines may be considered a third world country but that does not mean it knows less about the e-commerce industry. E-commerce has become an essential form of making an income these past few years in the diferrent parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. One website that has helped boost this industry is Lazada Philippines. Though it has only existed for a couple of months, it has mad a name for itself both locally and internationally. It holds an extensive collection of different brands that is delivered straight to your doorstep free of charge. To add to this amazing feature, they have made different kinds of payment methods for customers and clients available like Cash on delivery where one hands over payment upon the delivery of the item. Today, they have a limited offer of 10% discount on any purchases above P3,000.00 for customers who will make use of their MasterCard credit card. A few weeks ago, they launched a promo with Banco De Oro wherein anyone who purchases specific items and makes use of their BDO credit card can pay in 3 monthly installments with 0% interest. Websites like these open doors for other companies to have an evenue to expand their network and market. It is another form of exposure for those who wish to establish nationwide sales. Lazada is also slowly but surely establishing relationships with their regular customers as they continue to make each visit a worthwhile one offering sales and discounts left and right. The impact they have created coming from scratch is impecable and admirable as they have made it possible for starting companies to make a name for themselves despite the existence of already well-known establishments. It doesn’t take a local entrepreneur to create new ventures in the Philippines and actually make each transactions or involvements long lasting.

E-commerce may not be as popular as tv shopping or mall shopping yet but with the rate its going and with the number of people hearing about it everyday, online time will tell just how long it will take for it to top the list of income sources. Online shopping sites gear toward giving its clients and customers a lot of options from the comfort of their homes. Convenience at its best is an evident goal that E-commerce aims. As much as we would all want to stick with tradition or the conventional ways of making a living, technology proves to us that innovation is key to winning over new sets of clients. If everyone directs their business towards the same path, markets will lessen and the number of consumers will not grown. If a company comes up with a unique way of getting their products out there, curious minds will gather and create a whole new dimension of buyers and sellers. It is very rare today to find these kinds of business undertakings that is why Lazada continues to excel and overcome the struggles that come along with being a baby in this industry.





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Lazada Philippines breaks borders- A Review

Anyone who has access to the mighty powerful Internet can attest to the improvement it has provided us with. Not a lot of people are aware of the importance that it serves especially to self-made companies trying to make a name for them. Whether it is via twitter or through viral spam emails, the Internet has become a strategy for businessmen to get their names out there. Whether you’re selling paint or making skin products, you aren’t as established as you would want to be if you’re not on the first page of several search engines.

The Internet gives birth to rising companies mainly online stores. When you start online, you create a network that goes beyond the borders of your home. If you are able to attract buyers from different parts of the world, from there on, the possibilities are endless. If you tag your name with products and services of quality, you get a more loyal and wide coverage in the market. All pretty impressive facts considering you don’t have to make outdoor commitments to get your store going.


What is an example of such business venture?

Lazada Philippines is one good example of an expanding company that kicked start its existence through the Internet.

Who is Lazada?

It is Zalora Philippines’ partner company, both owned by Billionaire brothers, Oliver, Marc and Alexander Samwer, Rocket Internet owners. These German entrepreneurs have other world-renowned websites under their belt as well as investments in well-known social media websites.

What is Lazada?

They have a wide variety of products that can be seen in actual malls. Buyers can choose from an extensive collection then select a payment method most convenient for them. It is already considered as a deep-rooted e-commerce website serving thousands of customers everyday. They are available seven days a week with free customer service consultation from 7 am to 11 pm daily.

What sets them apart?

It is as an online shopping mall that tailors to the needs of the typical mass market. It is rare for companies to have a strong grasp of what the public wants especially if they are just starting out. Considering that they have only been up and serving for less than a year and already they have created a loyal mass base shows their superior familiarity with the e-commerce industry.

What is their secret?

Its story becomes even more amazing when you acknowledge the fact that the website was custom-made for Filipino shoppers that obviously shows full mastery of what consumers need and want. Because of this, they have made millions in revenue in just a short span of existence.

You don’t usually know you’ve made it in the competitive e-commerce industry until you reach your annual sales evaluation. But this fruit bearing online mall is an exception to that assumption. They continue to exceed expectations and create good rapport with Filipinos. After just recently releasing commercials following their radio stints, only time will tell just how far and how much they will accomplish.



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Lazada PH Does Not Just Serve Transactions, They Serve Customers- A Review


Dealing with and putting up with customer complaints and issues is an everyday reality that customer service people has to go through. There are different kinds of customers out there, some are easy to deal with, some are detailed oriented and others are simply customers from hell. Come customer service scenarios begins with simple issues but later on flares up into a huge confrontation usually because of the representatives failure to the small things that would have otherwise prevented such an escalation.

I am not a customer from hell. I am actually in between the easy to deal with and the detail oriented type. I am mostly easy to deal with. However, during that time when I first called Lazada PH and spoke with one of their customer service representatives I was more on the detailed oriented side of my customer personality. It was just natural because it was the first time that I am going to take part in this so called internet shopping revolution. I will admit it that I am a bit antiquated and for years I put off trying online shopping simply because I feel that I am ignorant about computers. I can’t be blamed though because I was born in decade when the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are still hanging out in their dorm rooms trying to figure out what they are going to do with technology. Simply put I felt like I was too old to be tinkering with computers and it is best to leave this stuff with my grandkids who knows a lot a better. Until that day when I came across Lazada Philippines well I didn’t really come across it. I was persuaded by my young at heart friends to try out online shopping because it is all the rage right now and I wouldn’t want to be left behind. So I did try it. I turned on the computer and looked up Lazada Philippines in Google. I browsed around by which I mean I did some window shopping and looked around what Lazada has in store for me. I mentioned that I already have grandkids I wouldn’t hold back on revealing my age. It doesn’t matter anyway. I am 60 years of age and at this age most women are interested in staying in shape, being healthy and staying young as much as possible. People my age would usually try to cling to the vestiges of their youth for as long as they can and to do this we need health and beauty products. So that was the category that I went to and I found the Snow Caps L- Glutathione supplement. Being the detailed oriented person that I am, I was not contented with the product description that’s already written on the site. It was not that Lazada didn’t provide as much details but I just want to know more about it since it is something that I will take and could possibly have some side effects on my health. So I dialled the customer service number for more information and true enough, I got the information that I wanted. I asked where the supplement was manufactured, are there reviews and testimonials available and if there’s a website that I can go to get more details among other questions.

All them were answered confidently, courteously and with much energy by the customer service representative that I spoke with. He took care of my concerns. I am impressed that Lazada customer service reps are trained to answer product specific questions. They are not just confined to the ordering process and the ins and outs of the website. They really know what they are selling which is a

Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall- How OFWs Can Take Advantage of Lazada Philippines This Holiday Season

Being far away from your

family this Yuletide season can be a bit frustrating and sad. But for some OFWs, it cannot be helped. I somewhat understand this since I also have relatives who are working abroad and cannot make it back to the Philippines in time for Christmas. But as I told them, they can still make this holiday season special to their loved ones by sending gifts. And one site I recommended where they can do their holiday shopping is Lazada Philippines.

Philippines’ online shopping mall

As I have read and heard, this site has been dubbed as the online shopping mall of the Philippines. And actually, I am not surprised at all. For me, it serves as a one-stop shop for all my shopping needs. As you will see in the screen grab on the left, it has a wide selection of items. From books to electronic devices, gadgets, kid stuff, fashion items and even home decors; name it and they have it.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend this site to my OFW relatives. There are a lot of gift items to choose from. Thus, it will be easier to find the perfect presents according to the hobbies, likes and personality of the recipients.

Plus, the shopping items are already categorized so that we shoppers can quickly and easily find what we are looking for.






Free shipping available

Another great feature of this site that OFWs can take advantage of for their Christmas shopping is the free shipping available.

One thing that sets this online shopping site apart from the others is that it offers free shipping to any point in the Philippines.

That is right, it does not matter where you are in the country, this site will have the items you purchased delivered right at your doorstep—without any additional fee. Distance does not matter.


In the case of other online shopping sites, a certain fee for shipping is implemented. And the rate goes higher as the distance furthers. That would mean additional costs. But this is not true for Lazada Philippines. Hence, OFWs can save more money which they can use to buy other presents.


Then they can just place their orders online and have the items delivered to the home of their family and friends. For the latter, it would be like receiving a pleasant surprise from Santa Claus. And nothing beats pleasant surprises during Christmas. This is a good way of making them feel that no matter how great the distance is between you and them, they are still in your heart and mind this Yuletide season.


Top brands

Last but not the least, Lazada Philippines is a great shopping site for the OFWs this Christmas because it is the home of the most reliable and popular brands in the market today. Hence, you can be assured that your loved ones in the Philippines will receive nothing but the best presents of the highest quality. Plus, that will also be coupled with great service.