Lazada PH Review: Spare Yourself from the Crowds, Shop at the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall!

I began my Christmas shopping yesterday. No, I didn’t brave the mall crowds; I stayed here at home and shopped at online shopping mall, Lazada Philippines.

Imagine my delight, when I saw that they had an ongoing promo for MasterCard holders! It’s called the MasterCard Mondays.

The promo stipulates that with a minimum of P3,000 purchase, you get an additional 10% discount when you use your MasterCard on a Monday. And that is regardless of whether you bought items on discount or not. During these days of holiday shopping with the limits of a budget constraint, who wouldn’t be pleased to have this additional discount?


But there’s one more thing, if you use your Banco de Oro MasterCard you can also avail of 0% interest for three months. That’s one deal on top of another, and another!

Lazada Philippines is really a great site to do online shopping. Aside from these promotions, they also constantly have items on discount that truly give a good value. But even without all these, their standard features alone are enough reason for me to choose to shop on this site.

The fact that they have free delivery available to almost all major shipping destinations already gives customers huge savings. Not only do you save on gas because you don’t have to get out of your house, you also save on standard shipping fees.

So what I did was to purchase most of my Christmas shopping list and add some more essentials for the home. This led to a really great amount of savings for me and to the completion of all my Christmas shopping needs.


Toshiba 32” HD LCD TV

Oh Happy Day!

I bought a 3-piece twin bed sheet set that was marked down by 71%! From an original price of P2,050, I got it for only P599. A Moulinex flat iron was also discounted by 40%, at only over P600. And here’s the best deal, the Toshiba 32” HD LCD TV is at 48% discount, for only about P13,000, with one year warranty too!

This must be the best Christmas deals I’ve ever had. I know I didn’t plan to buy all these right now, but with such big discounts and one good deal piled on top of another, I just could not resist. Now I’m ready to just relax while I await the delivery of my exciting purchases.

Tablets and Computers on Sale

Naturally, I was excited to tell my family about all of these great buys while we were having dinner. All too suddenly, my brother chimed in and asked if he could use my BDO credit card to purchase a new computer. I said okay, as long as he bought it from the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. I told him I saw great discounts on tablets and computers just a few hours ago. True enough, he found the exact same model he was looking for at a super discounted price.

With Lazada Philippines, who would want to shop anywhere else?



Lazada PH Review: Total package offered at online shops


I can give you a million reasons to why I think buying online is a thrill but that will take up my entire life so I’ll provide you with just one reason and I promise you that by the time you finish reading this blog article, you will be just as captivated as I am.

Money makes the world go round whether we like to admit it or not. No family can survive with just love because after loving, there’s always eating. And eating requires breads. No, I’m not talking about the food. I’m talking about moolah, money or cash. So if you can find ways to stretch your payments or at least get the cheapest deals without sacrificing the quality of products, wouldn’t you want to hear out how?

Let’s use Lazada Philippines as an example to why more and more shoppers are diverting to online shopping. It offers different payment modes that can suit each and every one of its customers. If you are more into paying in cash because you’re more comfortable thinking you’re paying in the actual store or market, you can choose cash on delivery where one only has to hand out the money upon delivery and once the package has been handed over. If you like paying in credit card, you can actually get more perks out of your order. You can avail of additional discounts depending on the current promo hosted by Lazada or get better payment terms depending on the credit card company. So far they have managed to release promos with MasterCard and Banco De Oro credit card. If you live near a bank, a convenient store or and LBC outlet, DragonPay will probably suit you the most because you can perform your transactions either online or over the counter. Regardless of whatever payment method you make use of, you will be assured and guaranteed of the state or condition of your order because you have 7 days to test out your electronics or assess whether your item meets the standards of what was written on their description. It’s never too late to figure out how online shopping works. It’s not too late to get in the game. If you’re wondering why online shopping is such a hit now, you will probably wonder even more when it sweeps the nation in the years to come.

Think about how much time and effort you’ll save when you decide to give online shopping a try. You are able to access literally everything and find what item your sweet spot lies in a span of 15 minutes compared to shopping in stores. You don’t ever have to wait in line to purchase something because you are served at your convenience. You have the option to choose how you want to go about your transactions and at the same time get the chance to get further discounts. You get all those advantages and perks from the comforts of your home. Now seriously, you’re still not willing to try it out?