Lazada’s top 2 modes of payment- A Review

modes of payment

It doesn’t really matter how much a person wants a piece of item if he or she does not have enough money to buy it. Promos and discounts are the next best thing to look for when in a tight budget. If you would rather spare yourself from getting frustrated looking at merchandises that you yourself know from the gecko you can afford, visit stores that are known for having discounts on a regular basis to save you a few pesos. But ultimately, what finalizes a purchase is the actual payment. If the customer is unable to comply with the obligatory methods of payment, at the end of the session, no purchase will be made or accomplished completely. It’s easy to find websites that sell items that appeal to you but what’s hard is identifying a website that fits your preference of payment. I personally always end up in foreign websites and only realize it after I have browsed through the site’s entire collection. Only then do I realize the additional fees I would have to pay for besides the delivery fee because of immigration and others.

Websites similar to Lazada that has different branches all over Southeast Asia, provide products in peso currency making it a lot easier for customers to match their budget with the price tag of the item of their choice. Lazada Philippines being the official website of the Philippines’ online shopping mall, as it would refer to itself, sells items particularly those products that Filipinos rage about. Most of the items are guaranteed to be necessities.

The methods this website use are cash on delivery (COD) and credit card payments. Two of the most used mode of payments today. These two are just similar to the normal payments used in malls. Cash on delivery is similar to paying over the counter only this one in particular is a lot more convenient. The delivery men serve as the cashier. They go to your house to deliver your goods and hopefully by that time, you’ll be at home to pay for your order. After the delivery, usually performed by either LBC or 2GO, you will be asked to submit your payment. If you’re opting to go for the safe bet where you don’t have to stay at home personally to give out cash to the delivery man, credit card is the way to go. Both Visa and MasterCard cardholders are allowed to make purchases. Just simply provide the information being asked from you as you go along the order form online. Right now, there is a seal that comes along with selected items. A seal called Lazada Promise where one is entitled to P500 worth of gift certificate if your order was not released from the warehouse within the amount of time given prior to the delivery. A follow-up delivery will be made to deliver the gift certificates if you are entitled to one.

There are other ways to complete transactions that are made online. It is important to read ahead about a company’s payments method to know from the start if you’re even permitted to buy.


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