Lazada: Very relaxing browsing experience


Navigating the Lazada website is like a breath of fresh air for me that is comparable to taking a day off away from the hustle and bustle, noise pollution and human and vehicle traffic of the city and going off to some place like say Tagaytay practically just cruising around with car windows rolled down with some reggae jams blasting out of the car sound system. That’s pretty idyllic right? Of course it is. I am just exaggerating of course but it was an accurate exaggeration because I could not think of any analogy. However, I would say confidently that it is going to be almost the same feeling if you are going visit Lazada Philippines’ website to do some online window shopping out or to just get updated on the latest gadgets, electronic items and recent item drops.

I am going to deconstruct the website, incise through its flesh using razor-sharp observational scalpel and expose its cross-section to provide you an anatomical view of its innards and vitals (I know the description is a little bit graphic but I just could not help it coming off a gore drenched DVD marathon). Now let’s talk about color. The website uses primary basic social networking staple colors like blue characters against a white background and let me tell you why a lot of websites particularly social networking ones opt for this very familiar color combo, well on top of the typical reasons for choosing the color blue like it is a color of calm, intellect, relaxation, tranquillity and white as indicator of purity, cleanliness and goodness there is a some sort of a technical reason for the blue-white color combination on social networking and online shopping websites. The color blue against a white background is supposed to help red-green color blind users to see the website’s content better. In connection to this, I want to share a piece of seemingly useless but interesting information that you could share with that girl that you are trying to hit on at the next party. Here it is the trend of using the color blue for social networking probably started with the ubiquitous Facebook.

The founder who is Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind and having the color blue as the dominating color of his website provides him a better visual because the color blue is the richest color for people who are born with red-green color blindness. LazadaPH opted for that popular combination because they don’t want to make browsing around difficult for their customer’s eyes. Let’s go to the online shopping categories, Lazada’s stocks are always updated so you are guaranteed to get only the freshest drops and not the stale ones. When it comes to responsiveness which is the most important thing for me, I would say straight on that this website is very responsive. I never got into things like system downtimes, links that does not work and overall system sluggishness. There are none of those things in Lazada. That’s why Lazada has become a habit of some sort for me and I am pretty sure that it is not going to change for quite some time.


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