Music Lover Who Loves To Swim

I find myself being drawn to the pool during weekends. The heat is really intense these days. But thanks to it, I am rediscovering my long lost relationship with the sport. But as a person who constantly has earphones plugged in with music blasting for my soul to devour, I find that I would enjoy swimming more if music accompanied me.

I know there are waterproof gadgets nowadays. I am looking for a waterproof MP3 player and earbuds so that I can enjoy music while doing some laps. Imagine listening to Eye of the Tiger while you’re gliding through the water. Right? But the question is, what should I buy? For now, I am eyeing the Speedo Aqua Beat waterproof MP3 player.

speedo aqua beat

Do you guys have any suggestions/recommendations on waterproof player and earbuds? I gladly would appreciate the help!



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