Music Lover Who Loves To Swim

I find myself being drawn to the pool during weekends. The heat is really intense these days. But thanks to it, I am rediscovering my long lost relationship with the sport. But as a person who constantly has earphones plugged in with music blasting for my soul to devour, I find that I would enjoy swimming more if music accompanied me.

I know there are waterproof gadgets nowadays. I am looking for a waterproof MP3 player and earbuds so that I can enjoy music while doing some laps. Imagine listening to Eye of the Tiger while you’re gliding through the water. Right? But the question is, what should I buy? For now, I am eyeing the Speedo Aqua Beat waterproof MP3 player.

speedo aqua beat

Do you guys have any suggestions/recommendations on waterproof player and earbuds? I gladly would appreciate the help!



My Latest LSS

latest LSSI enjoy listening to different songs which is why every now and then, I have some earworm or LSS. I’m sure you have catch some every now and then, too. Sometimes, it can be annoying especially if it’s a song you hate. Other times, it’s all good. Like recently, my LSS are:


Animal by Conor Maynard

Just Give Me A Reason by Pink

Wings by Little Mix

Still Into You by Paramore

My Top 5 RPG Games of All Time

Every gamer has his or her own preference of game genre. As for me, I enjoy RPG games because I like action, puzzle, and a great plot/storyline all wrapped into one. Here’s my top 5 list:


Super Mario: Legend of the Seven StarsThe very first RPG game I ever played!

super mario

Suikoden II – I am ever grateful to my cousin who introduced this game to me.

suikoden II

Final Fantasy X – The very first RPG game I played on the PS2. I love Tidus! I love Yuna!

final fantasy X

Odin Sphere – Don’t let the 2D animation fool you. This is a very epic game.

odin sphere

Final Fantasy XIII – The very first game I played on the PS3. I love Square Enix. I love Lightning!

Final Fantasy XIII

Yes, I’m a PlayStation gamer (as seen from my list of games). How about you guys? What were/are your favorites? It doesn’t have to be the same console as mine. J

Lazada: Very relaxing browsing experience


Navigating the Lazada website is like a breath of fresh air for me that is comparable to taking a day off away from the hustle and bustle, noise pollution and human and vehicle traffic of the city and going off to some place like say Tagaytay practically just cruising around with car windows rolled down with some reggae jams blasting out of the car sound system. That’s pretty idyllic right? Of course it is. I am just exaggerating of course but it was an accurate exaggeration because I could not think of any analogy. However, I would say confidently that it is going to be almost the same feeling if you are going visit Lazada Philippines’ website to do some online window shopping out or to just get updated on the latest gadgets, electronic items and recent item drops.

I am going to deconstruct the website, incise through its flesh using razor-sharp observational scalpel and expose its cross-section to provide you an anatomical view of its innards and vitals (I know the description is a little bit graphic but I just could not help it coming off a gore drenched DVD marathon). Now let’s talk about color. The website uses primary basic social networking staple colors like blue characters against a white background and let me tell you why a lot of websites particularly social networking ones opt for this very familiar color combo, well on top of the typical reasons for choosing the color blue like it is a color of calm, intellect, relaxation, tranquillity and white as indicator of purity, cleanliness and goodness there is a some sort of a technical reason for the blue-white color combination on social networking and online shopping websites. The color blue against a white background is supposed to help red-green color blind users to see the website’s content better. In connection to this, I want to share a piece of seemingly useless but interesting information that you could share with that girl that you are trying to hit on at the next party. Here it is the trend of using the color blue for social networking probably started with the ubiquitous Facebook.

The founder who is Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind and having the color blue as the dominating color of his website provides him a better visual because the color blue is the richest color for people who are born with red-green color blindness. LazadaPH opted for that popular combination because they don’t want to make browsing around difficult for their customer’s eyes. Let’s go to the online shopping categories, Lazada’s stocks are always updated so you are guaranteed to get only the freshest drops and not the stale ones. When it comes to responsiveness which is the most important thing for me, I would say straight on that this website is very responsive. I never got into things like system downtimes, links that does not work and overall system sluggishness. There are none of those things in Lazada. That’s why Lazada has become a habit of some sort for me and I am pretty sure that it is not going to change for quite some time.

Recognizing Lazada Philippines for what it’s worth- A Review


To be able to define something as legitimate, one must be able to cite instances to why it should be referred to as one. I stand as one of the many satisfied customers of Lazada Philippines not just because I won myself something free from their 12 Gifts of Christmas last year but because I have experienced buying from them and getting a lot more than what I bargained for. While some websites come up with false promises, Lazada continuously launched promos after promos that gave customers the freedom to search from a list of a thousand items with discounts ranging from 5% as the minimum to a whopping 90%. Its accomplishments are beyond its year. It has been around for only a year but it has serviced millions of Filipinos with outstanding feedbacks and results. I am tired of being involved in websites that promise discounts that can’t even give up charging delivery fees. Yes, promises get us to visit websites but it takes more than just a colorful advertisement with a popular public figure to make me buy something not worth my penny. I am aggressive as I write this entry not because I aim to uplift the image of Lazada but because I feel that is it unfair on their behalf to be tormented with false accusations such as lame services when in fact competitors are doing a lot worse. Lazada is not only running and functioning in the Philippines alone. It has many branches scattered all over Asia like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and each one of those have Rocket Internet as their founder or creator. A well-recognized online venture builder company from Germany such as Rocket Internet is beaten down to the ground by locals who choose to report exaggerated truths or maybe even lies than admiring the undeniably jaw dropping benefits online shopping sites made abroad devoted to provide us Filipinos with our very own shopping website for our convenience.

Free delivery service for a minimum purchase of P1,000 anywhere in the Philippines. While other sites charge 10% of the total amount or require fees for purchases above a thousand, Lazada assures customers that their money is well spent because not only do they get to to avail their purchases with a huge discount but they are also able to bring these home without having to step foot outside their house. Manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years are provided for the ease of customers in case problems regarding their purchases come up past the 7 days return policy. Promos of all kinds are available for everyone’s disposal everyday of the week. Special promos are given on nationally recognized holidays to give honor to said events.


I know it gets tiring to read about appraisals but this entry is a lot more than just an opinion. It’s my way of sharing what I know and letting people experience the same kind of satisfaction and service I was lucky enough to become part of. Anyone can just write about their first impression but involvement always says a lot more.




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LazadaPH Review: Options and convenience, key factors of Ecommerce rise in the Philippines

So how are we nowadays in this modern digital era? Where does Philippines stand compared to other countries where their culture has fully adapt in technology? These are the questions that if I were asked last year, I would have said, “not doing good” in a heartbeat. Why do I think so? As we all now the use of Internet has evolved tremendously that it has been used as a vessel to meet the technology demands in making our lives much easier and faster. Thinking back when it all started, Internet was merely a tool to get information with just a click of a button. I remember when I was in college where research was one of the toughest tasks as students needs to spend majority of their time in libraries just to conduct a research. Imagine we all needed to check each book physically in search of particular information. It takes days and even months to some to complete a research project. But when Internet was born, it can now be done in minutes to hour. That’s how Internet was very helpful to the people. As Internet grew each year, so did the technology that took full advantage on how Internet can support their goals. One major breakthrough they made was communication. Before it was actually a challenge for anyone to reach out to there families outside the country. Either they send a mail to their loved ones which sometimes takes months before it gets shipped to its delivery destination or conduct an International call which costs a lot then. Now, with the help of Internet, communication can be done in real time and best of all, for free! Ok, I got it, enough with the Internet brief history walkthrough.


Going back to my question earlier, where do Philippines stand in this modern era? I say one huge shift is the rise of online shopping in out country. What’s more surprising is that it only begun its rise just last year. A year before that online shopping was never a topic, local online users would easily discard the topic since they will say the usual critic of doing online shopping such as “unreliable”, “risk of getting scammed” and “we don’t have credit card or Paypal accounts”. Honestly, this made Ecommerce impossible to establish here in the Philippines. But all changed when Lazada Philippines like website where launched in the country. What they offered was revolutionary to the Ecommerce perception of the local Internet users. They came in and introduced “Cash on Delivery” payment method, which solves all the existing issues of the local Internet users about doing online shopping with online shopping stores. What it does is it allows anyone to become instant customers where they can order anything from their website and have it shipping on their very homes without paying Lazada upfront. They are only required to pay as their order is delivered on their very homes via cash. This actually made the trust issues, online payment limitations and etc. issues gone in the wind since customers get to hold off their money until they receive their orders and pay online as it is delivered and handed over to them. How convenient is that.

Lazada’s top 2 modes of payment- A Review

modes of payment

It doesn’t really matter how much a person wants a piece of item if he or she does not have enough money to buy it. Promos and discounts are the next best thing to look for when in a tight budget. If you would rather spare yourself from getting frustrated looking at merchandises that you yourself know from the gecko you can afford, visit stores that are known for having discounts on a regular basis to save you a few pesos. But ultimately, what finalizes a purchase is the actual payment. If the customer is unable to comply with the obligatory methods of payment, at the end of the session, no purchase will be made or accomplished completely. It’s easy to find websites that sell items that appeal to you but what’s hard is identifying a website that fits your preference of payment. I personally always end up in foreign websites and only realize it after I have browsed through the site’s entire collection. Only then do I realize the additional fees I would have to pay for besides the delivery fee because of immigration and others.

Websites similar to Lazada that has different branches all over Southeast Asia, provide products in peso currency making it a lot easier for customers to match their budget with the price tag of the item of their choice. Lazada Philippines being the official website of the Philippines’ online shopping mall, as it would refer to itself, sells items particularly those products that Filipinos rage about. Most of the items are guaranteed to be necessities.

The methods this website use are cash on delivery (COD) and credit card payments. Two of the most used mode of payments today. These two are just similar to the normal payments used in malls. Cash on delivery is similar to paying over the counter only this one in particular is a lot more convenient. The delivery men serve as the cashier. They go to your house to deliver your goods and hopefully by that time, you’ll be at home to pay for your order. After the delivery, usually performed by either LBC or 2GO, you will be asked to submit your payment. If you’re opting to go for the safe bet where you don’t have to stay at home personally to give out cash to the delivery man, credit card is the way to go. Both Visa and MasterCard cardholders are allowed to make purchases. Just simply provide the information being asked from you as you go along the order form online. Right now, there is a seal that comes along with selected items. A seal called Lazada Promise where one is entitled to P500 worth of gift certificate if your order was not released from the warehouse within the amount of time given prior to the delivery. A follow-up delivery will be made to deliver the gift certificates if you are entitled to one.

There are other ways to complete transactions that are made online. It is important to read ahead about a company’s payments method to know from the start if you’re even permitted to buy.