The real benefit of Lazada Philippines’ delivery method- A Review

real benefit

I love how the generation today has it easy. Most especially if you compare it to how things used to work before. You can tell this with the existence of online shopping. Some people don’t see just how much our era has progressed because some things are seen as normal when in fact, if you base it on the past, things have definitely improved. Online shopping is given so little recognition when now that you try to assess things, the world revolves around the internet and the benefits that come along with it. I don’t think people have really grasped the extent of the evolution that has taken place in the past few years. Convenience has been redefined as something people just take for granted than something they can be thankful for. Let me give you a simple overview on just how advance we are now.

It’s simple and basic to some but it didn’t really exist before. Shopping online is a gift. And the delivery that comes along with it, a perk. I bought a blackberry from Lazada PH because I didn’t have the free time then to visit the mall. If before, I didn’t have the option to get it delivered to my place making it essential for me drop by the mall to get something I liked, now I could get it shipped anywhere I wanted. Provinces before were not as privileged as those living in the big city before that they had to ask someone living in Manila to get what they wanted delivered to their place. It was a grueling process. Now, I can just go online and submit a form to get it shipped to me directly regardless of where I live. I would happily spare a few bucks to compensate for the hassle of having to drive to the nearest mall which meant having to dress up when I could just order in my pajamas.


Lazada’s delivery methods are an example to this theory. I call it a theory because I have no legitimate basis but my own assessment. They have three distinct delivery methods: Cash on delivery, Credit Card and 7-eleven. You can choose from three options upon submission of your order. Cash on delivery is actual payment only upon delivery. No down payment required pre-delivery unlike what online stores on Facebook would ask for. Credit card can be used by any VISA or MasterCard holders. 7-eleven refers to selected convenient stores where you’re given a reference number to take note and submit to the cashier upon payment. 7-eleven is the only option that requires a customer to pick up his or her order. One also has to pick it up at the same branch they paid at. Cash on delivery and credit card allows the customer to have their orders directly delivered to them. Certain fees are mandatory if the total amount of purchase is below P 1,000. 00. For purchases under a thousand, P55.00 and P99.00 are added to the order’s total amount when residing within metro manila and outside respectively. These options didn’t exist before but now that majority of online shops offer these, it has been deemed normal.



Lazada Philippines’ impact on ecommerce – A Review


 Ecommerce has become surprisingly popular and popular in a span of one year. Long ago on a normal day, a typical Filipino will pass by the mall during his or her free time to look around in malls. Now, ever since the internet became accessible in households, Filipinos are on their phones tweeting where they are, instagraming what they are eating and going to internet shops to kill time. Unexpectedly, our generation has come up with a way to merge two of the favorite past times of Filipino.


Have you ever heard of online shopping? You may not know exactly what it’s about but you probably have come across this word once or twice in your lifetime. Online shopping i a form of ecommerce where a person buys or sells through the internet using their computers, cellphones and tablets. Any form of transaction made using electronics is a form of ecommerce. Filipinos have gotten used to this manner of transactions which is why ecommerce is booming now more than ever.


Lazada Philippines is an online shopping website owned by Rocket Internet, an online venture buider by the Samwer brothers. It is a German company that has website ventures all over the world in 5 continents. It sells multiple products that can cater one’s beauty needs to a family’s Silverware for the holidays. Its impact has made such a huge difference to Filipino culture because a lot has changed over the years thanks to the power and the convenience online shopping has given us. It has become a regular online destination because of their selections, methods of payments and services. I have been buying online for quite a while now so I have a pretty good overview of what good websites are. Lazada surely tops my list of online shopping websites because of the quality of the entirety the site brings to the table. I have a diverse taste in the stuff I buy. I live alone so I basically buy everything myself. I buy my own television, air conditioning, clothes, shoes and beauty products. Because of this, I always prefer online shopping to make it a lot less hassle for me. I especially hate having to fit big appliances in my car which makes me prefer online shopping over it all. With online shopping, I can get everything I buy, big or small, delivered to my house for free if the price amounts to their terms. It’s also nice to know that in sites like Lazada, I can pay any way I want. If a oerson buys over the counter, they are limited to paying only using cash or credit card. With online shopping, there are more options to choose from depending on what is most convenient to a person. A person who relies on credit can always make use of their MasterCard or Visa cards. If you like paying in establishments that are most familiar to you, you can pay and deposit in your personal banks. But if you prefer having to pay in person and only when you get your package delivered, cash on delivery is the better option for you.


Ecommerce is a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of the internet. It’s really important to make use of what we have now so we can surf the wave and be part of the progress of our country.




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Shopping from sites like Lazada might just surprise you – A Review

surpriseI hate the feeling of having to dress up every time I go to the mall just to buy a tube of concealer then go home right after. Or just the thought of having to drive all the way to the most convenient mall when I can be resting at home watching television. I especially hate spending the entire day walking from one store to another then leave the mall empty handed because apparently everything is out of stock or is too expensive for my taste. I’ve experienced wasting an entire day shopping in malls and accomplishing nothing. All these reasons are enough for me to thank every God possible for the invention of online shopping.

Whenever I want to know if something I like’s on sale, I can simply go online and read about it. I don’t have to call the store or visit it personally just to be turned down because apparently the sale just finished. If I want something and I don’t know which stores are selling it, I can search it online and purchase it with my credit card without having to get up from bed. Unless of course if my laptop’s out of reach. But you get the point, right? Everything is a lot easier now since online shopping existed. Lazada Philippines, Philippine’s online shopping mall, offers a variety of items from the latest gadget like the iPhone 5 to the best set of knives available in the market. You can even subscribe to your favorite international magazine and pay in pesos instead of having to convert in dollars. Don’t you think it’s a shame for those who know they can accomplish things a lot faster through ordering online but choose to do things the harder way by spending on gas money only to end up with the same kind of result if they ordered online? Taking advantage of what is made and offered before us isn’t something to be ashamed of. There’s a reason shopping sites like Lazada is available and for us to overlook how easier they are making our lives is simply pointless. I guess I have become such a fan of the whole concept of it that majority of what I own now is something I bought online.

I bought my iPod dock from Lazada because it was on sale and plus the fact that it would be delivered to me for free. It doesn’t get any better than having to get my hands on something I like without having to move a muscle. Instead of walking in to a store I like to purchase something, I’m blogging about it now in my pajamas. It’s not the best alternative to do since you can do something a lot more productive but the fact remains that online shopping gives us a lot more opportunities and options. Shopping online is easy because the same methods of payment apply when buying offline. Don’t think it’s a lot more complicated just because it involves a laptop and the internet. I can vouch for how a lot easier it is to settle deals online because more options for payment are available through shopping sites. Try it out for yourself. You might just be surprised how much you like it.

Interesting promos in Lazada Philippines- A Review

interesting promos

I would like to say that I am not generally gung-ho about seeing promotions on online shopping websites. I always think that there’s really not that much benefit in those promos and the company will not fulfil their end of the deal anyway so why bother. Plus, there’s always some kind of catch behind it like they’ll be getting you pumped up with a regular assault of spam emails, marketing newsletters and other annoying things that has plagued most people’s online lives. But things took a breath of fresh air when I chanced upon  it was my wife who told introduce me to Lazada PH.

She told me that if I sign up for a Lazada shopping account and sign up for their online newsletter, I will get 200 PHP worth of voucher that I could use against any item purchase that I will be making from Lazada ph and promotion she told me is for real because she already tried it and they really honor the promotion. My energy suddenly surged up and I said that sounds like a very fair deal, I want to get into that. Because a 200 pesos discount is not chump change in this day and age. I know it’s going to be sufficient to make one rich but it’s and amount that you wouldn’t get just by hanging around all day being a couch potato in front of your idiot box and I’m always down for freebies and discounts. So I went ahead and created a Lazada account, keyed in my information and got started with the online newsletter subscription. The voucher code was sent out through a confirmation email and it got in really quick. The promo rules are clearly stated on the email. The only thing that I need to do to take advantage of the 200 PHP voucher is to make a purchase of 2500 PHP. To have the voucher counted against the purchase amount I just need to put the voucher code at checkout it was that easy. The concept is pretty similar to a grocery store coupon, after reading through the promo mechanics and understanding how it works I just have to figure out what I am going to use it for so I checked Lazada out to look for an item.

I remembered that I need a memory card for my PSP. I found one in Lazada that goes for 2,799 I got it and applied the 200 PHP voucher. When I made my purchase, I made sure that I followed all the instructions stated on the confirmation email to make sure that the 200 PHP discount gets deducted from the total amount. I had mine set up to be paid cash on delivery. When the item came in, the delivery guy just asked me to pay whatever the amount is after the discount has been applied. That was 200 PHP worth of savings and I was absolutely exuberant. I check on Lazada on a regular basis to get updates on the latest promotions because I know that they always come up with creative ones.




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Lazada Philippines truly blew me away with their payment options- A Review


I first heard of Lazada Philippines through a TV ad they run on ABS-CBN network. When I saw that such an online mall website exist here in the Philippines, I was intrigued and excited. Right then there, when I saw their TVAd, I visited their website, I was doing paper work while watching then. The website really caught my eye. What caught my eyes were the deals and promos which were all over their website. It will pretty touch for any online user not to notice their deals by their first glance.


First category I checked was their Electronics, that’s where I usually go when I visit the malls to check the latest gadgets and canvas gadgets pricing.  Prior to checking the website, I already was contemplating on buying an iPad mini. At that time, it was not available on malls or even authorized Apple product resellers. I was surprised that when I checked the Electronics they are already offering it here in the Philippines. I was actually hoping to use my credit card when they become available in the malls since I don’t have cash yet at that time. So when I saw that its available online, it was perfect for my situation I can buy it right away using my credit card. So that’s what I did.


In fairness to them, the processing of a transaction on their website was easy to comprehend and understand. The instructions were all there, you just need to follow them accordingly. I think they did a great job on that part. They really made the online purchasing much smoother. On the other hand, I want to shed a light on their “cash on delivery” payment method. It’s actually very enticing, if it weren’t for me not have the cash right then, I would have opt for the payment method. I mean who would want to go to the bank to pay their debts.  I think this payment method was there key in reaching out to the Filipino online users and encourage them to trust them right away when they were starting since you don’t necessarily need to submit your credit card details and/or pay them via bank deposit or Paypal. You can opt for the Cash on Delivery and won’t worry if something bad happened with your transaction such as sudden out of stock or delivery didn’t pushed through. You can pay them once you see item. It’s like you are actually buying on the cashier malls, just happened that you already sorted out the item you want to buy and that the transaction is done ate your doorstep. What also amazed beside their various outstanding payment methods. They actually offer free delivery. So not only you get deals and/or promos but you also can save money for gas and transportation compared to when you go to malls to buy items you want. You also get tired and become hassled with traffic and other people who are also shopping in the mall.




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Free Delivery Available made possible by Lazada PH – A Review

Being an online shopper. Requires some standards of your own when picking where to buy an item from a website. I usually check which one is the most reliable and trusted.  Initially, what I do is check for previous online buyers from a certain website. It’s quite a good practice to know what experience other people went through from a prospect online shopping store.

Once I nail down their security reliability, I check whether the website offers a valuable preposition that will entice me to buy to them. At times, I have a hard time picking on this part given that most of them have similar offer. I mean I think it’s part of the competition where they copy what the other competitors offer that they don’t offer yet.

Next I try to check which online shopping store offers the greatest deal for the item I want to buy.  There are times in which I anticipate seasonal promos or discount such as during the holidays or if there are any upcoming significant events. Usually, that’s when promos and discounts show up on their respective website.

When I found out about Lazada Philippines, I was quite relieved since I usually buy from internationally based websites. For a local here in the Philippines Ecommerce isn’t that huge compared to other countries such as USA and Europe. To have a local based online shopping store here in the Philippines is quite a dream for us online shoppers. It gives us security in case we face trouble on shipment or whatever issue we encounter. We could easily visit their main office for help.

What surprised me the most is the offer of free delivery in Lazada. Prior to Lazada’s arrival, I used to save money for the delivery fee. International rate of delivery is pretty steep given that I’m only a college student and I get money only from my monthly allowance. With Lazada, it’s a reliever, now I get to spare my allowance just for the actual item and not worry about the extra charge of delivery.

Their shipment of 4-5 days is quite superb. I even encountered once that I received the item the next day I ordered from them. What’s also great is that their Customer service prompts us with SMS/Call before they actually deliver the item. This helps us customers to ensure that we get the item. For there are times that we missed the package you didn’t know was supposed to be delivered on the same day you weren’t at home.

I have nothing to say but two thumbs to what Lazada is doing. With their free delivery service other Online shopping stores followed their footsteps. Some of their competition is now also offering free delivery. Some of them even offer same day delivery, which allows buyers choose online shopping over the traditional shopping. It saves us the time and traffic we get when we go to traditional malls.




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Lazada Philippines Review: Dollar magazines now available in peso

Dollar magazines

Have you ever heard of online shopping? Not a lot of people are familiar with the fact that online shopping sites also offer subscriptions to magazines, (Okay, so I was one of them at one point) but today, you can’t ignore how revolutionized the world has become that everything is really just right within your reach. I was looking at Lazada Philippines after realizing how easier it would be to buy from them compared to Amazon whose rates are in USD. Computing for it is no longer an issue since the denominations are available in peso. Since it’s a local shopping site that provides options much like Ebay and Amazon, Filipinos are now offered the same kind of luxury westerners get from the comfort of their homes without travelling and exchanging currencies.

Before my mom passed away, we would have an entire subscription year to Time magazine at our house in Paranaque. I didn’t know then just how prestigious their magazine was until I started hearing about Time magazine’s man of the year on TV. I used to see Time as the older generation’s version of ok! or people magazine but in a more boring and less controversial way. Now, I’m one of those bums at home with nothing better to do. All my children go to school on weekdays and go to their respective extra-curricular activities on weekends, so I’m virtually left alone during my spare time and so consequently, leisure reading has become one of the hobbies I like focusing my extra energy on. Who would’ve thought that I’d be like my mom would eventually grow a more conscientious mind with respect to having the same concern for more pressing matters rather than wanting to know which celebrity couple broke up this month or who got together? Having subscribed to Time through Lazada (at the convenience of my own laptop), I get the same reading material that I could have bought during a trip out of town on a whim. It is more gratifying to know that I can do it from home whenever I feel like it and even without dollars at hand. Another thing that made the whole idea enticing to me was the method of payment. I’m still getting used to the whole new-age/ modern times/ revolutionized way of shopping and so I still have my doubts and dis-beliefs about it but because the COD or Cash On Delivery option is available, I get the guarantee of knowing and getting what I’m paying for. Being granted the presence of your purchase right before you before handing any cash out is honestly still a bit more comforting (and yes, I’m a bit stingy that way). So far, I have been very happy with my purchases and so are my friends who I’ve told this about. Here’s me wanting to recommend this to others out there who are just like me. We really ought to use and take advantage of the technology available right at our fingertips especially if it can make our lives a bit more fulfilling and comfortable.





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